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Other Stolen Stamps and Covers

Stolen Stamps and Covers
UPDATED March 26st, 2012

Stanley M. Piller and Associates has recently learned that it appears a portion of stamps and covers, which were stolen in a robbery in Florida in February 1999, has been recovered. If you have any additional information about the remaining items that are STILL MISSING, please contact us at:

Stanley M. Piller and Associates
800 S. Broadway, Suite 201
Walnut Creek, California 94596
Phone (925) 938-8290
Fax (925) 938-8812

Our new secure mailing address is:

Stanley M. Piller and Associates
P.O. Box 559
Alamo California 94507

or email

Stolen Confederate Stamps & Covers
Other Stolen Covers
Stolen Stamps

Description Scott No. Where Photo
Black Box of covers      
Stampless Covers      
Patriotic stampless PCM to Germany   RUM3(434) Yes
Baltimore red 5c entire 3XU3    
Baltimore 5c Black Sig 3XU1 Harmers? Yes
Baltimore 10c entire black sig on page with above 3XU3 DFK596(510) Yes
Baltimore 5c black sig 3XU1    
50+ New York Provisional covers      
Cover to Canada   illustrated in Piller  
gray paper pair on cover 9X3 BEN (21) Hill Yes
5c New York pos 2 DT June 14 9X1 DFK596(523) Yes
5c New York Pair pos 1,2 Oct 24 9X1 DFK596(540) Yes
numerous singles and pairs on cover      
10x1 cover clapp correspondence 10X1    
50 plus 5 and 10c covers including      
5c 1847 New York to Baltimore June 4 1 RUM3(289) Yes
5c 1847 Boston April 14 1a RAS783(481) Yes
5c 1847 Boston Aug 1 RUM3(300) Yes
5c 1847 Boston Sep 8 1 DFK591(300 Yes
5c 1847 Philadelphia 1 RUM5(538) Yes
5c 1847 Boston Mar 14 1 RAS771(385) Yes
5c 1847 Syracuse jan 9 1 RAS771(376) Yes
covers to france      
numerous other covers      
10c used from canada      
10c to canada treaty rate      
10c to Canada Feb 26 2 RAS767(32) yes
10c New York to canada Oct 9 2 DFK591(416) yes
10c 1847 Phila Nov 6 2 Ben (64) yes
used from Philadelphia Nov 6 DT A 2 RAS771(438) Yes
used from St. Louis Pos 12R Feb 3 2 DFK591(405) Yes
1851-1857 covers      
Sc No. 6 on cover      
Sc No. 8 strip of 3 on cover      
1c Type IIIA 8A BEN (83) Yes
1c advertising cover stamp lr corner      
3c First Day Mobile way   Ariz auction  
3c Penny Post 11 HRH Yes
Pair # 19 on cover   RASKapiloff  
1c and 3c on Berliner & Jones Patriotic 20,26   Yes
#21 on cover      
#26 Old stamps not recognized pencil Due 3 8/30 26 RAs787(3032) Yes
28A pair on cover 28A RASKapiloff?  
5c 1860 to Spain 30A RUM3(364) Yes
10c 1857 to germany 30c rate 32,33 RUM3(366) Yes
10c + 1c Trans cont Plus Carrier 24,35 RUM5(889) Yes
10c 1857 +3c 1857 to Australia 33c rate 26,35 RUM5(916) Yes
24c to France 37 Ben (118) Yes
#26,37 to Italy      
#26, 38 to Spain illust in brookman 26,38 RAS777(81) yes
1861-1867 covers      
#64 on patriotic Pennsylvania Magnus 64 RAS758(765) Yes
#64b pair to Spain 64b RAS758(230)  
3c 1857 Lincoln cover Lincoln/Hamlin 26 RUM3(395) yes
3c 1861 on all seeing eye fancy cancel 65    
#65 used with Nova Scotia stamp , on incoming fwd 65,12 RAS761(96) Yes
3c Double Impression on cover Orange Vt 65f RAS761(1073) Yes
10c, 5c, 3c 1869 to Peru 68,76,114, RAS788(173) Yes
numerous #68 covers including      
24c cover to russia short paid 1c 68,78 RUM3(492) Yes
30c,10c,5c, to Melbourne Aystralia 68,71,76 RAS771(910) Yes
10c,5c,30c to Brazil Mar 1863 68,71,76 RAS790(1972) Yes
3 x30c + 2x3c =96c to England 71,65 CRLNY63(2021 Yes
#92 block of 12 + 3 #92 from San Jose to switzerland 92 wolfffers  
24C grilled on cover to spain with 2, 2c 1869 99,113 Harrison Yes
24C grille on cover      
30c grill on cover with10c grill to Italy 100,96 RAS783(549) Yes
79 on cover      
83 partially erased on cover 83var   yes
83 partially erased on cover second example      
85E on cover      
1c on IRS Notice 92 RD (371) yes
69 on suplementary mail cover      
12c E grill, Suplementary mail 90 RUM5(989) Yes
12c E grill suplementary mail 90 RUM5(990) Yes
85C on cover      
#90 cover      
1869 to date covers      
2c 1869 cover      
10c 1869 to england      
2x 10c 1869 more to pay to Australia   univercity  
other 10c 1869 covers      
numerous 15c 1869 covers      
2c banknote bisect cover Taneytown Md 178b DFk596(1171) Yes
24c + 2, 30c Grilled to India   KUKSTIS Yes
numerous other banknote covers      
C15 bisect postcard C15 Bartlett Yes
LO1 on front      
3 # 24 with red Baltimore Carrier horseman 24,1LB9 RUM5(1076) Yes
3c US City Despatch Post 6LB3 RAS766(641) Yes
Western Covers two bundles containing 50-75 covers      
included are numerous penny post covers western express      
covers and pony express covers including      
$2 pony cover      
25c pony cover from strawberry Unique      
bereford and co express covers Free B   RAS783(447) Yes
Stage Coach Cover Columbia Jan 6 1860 35 DFK605 Yes
Little York Ca Patriotic Cove 10c rate 35 RUM5(297) Yes
Reynolds & Todds Express   RUM4(382) yes
Wylie &cos Express ms with WF & Bambers   RUM4(670) Yes
various rare town uses.      
Ny prov RHM single mounted on page   RAS752(6) yes
NY Prov RHM on gray paper mounted on same page      
set of guam on cover cplt set   yes
Samoa covers      
Hawaii straightline 80 cover   Phillips  
Last Updated 1-Mar-03, Maureen Gilhooly

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